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Address: 58, Toraygyrov street (building No. 5 of Pavlodar State Pedagogy Institute, room No. 501), Pavlodar; telephone 8(7182)65-16-17

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Area of Specification:

5В010000 – Education


011800 – Russian Language and Literature

Full-time studies – 4 years, part-time studies for secondary school graduates – 5 years, part-time studies for vocational school graduates – 3 years, part-time studies for higher school graduates – 2 years. Distancelearningisavailable.

012200 – Russian Language and Literature for Secondary Schools with Non-Russian Language of Tuition

Full-time studies – 4 years, part-time studies for secondary school graduates – 5 years, part-time studies for vocational school graduates – 3 years, part-time studies for higher school graduates – 2 years. Distance learning is available.

Department personnel

Chair of Department – Assistant Professor Olga Konstantinovna Andryushchenko, Candidate in Philology,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gulnara Seilbekovna Suyunova, Professor, Doctor of Philology

Zifa Kakbayevna Temirgazina, Professor, Doctor of Philology

Mariya Anatolyevna Izmailova, Assistant Professor, Candidate in Philology

Nurlan Ramazanovich Omarov, Assistant Professor, Candidate in Philology

Galina Nikolayevna Starchenko, Assistant Professor, Candidate in Pedagogy

Kayrat Mukhamedkhafizovich Tekzhanov, Professor, Candidate in Philology

Lyudmila Yerbolatovna Tokatova, Assistant Professor, Candidate in Philology

Gulsum Kenzhebekovna Abzuldinova, Senior Instructor, Candidate in Philology

Yekaterina Petrovna Garanina, Instructor

Background of the Department

The Department of Russian Language and Literature is one of the oldest departments of Pavlodar State Pedagogy Institute. It was founded on December 1, 1962, at the origin of history of the whole Philology School. Anna Ivanovna Mikhaylova was the first Chair of the Department. Founders of the Department, prominent scholars and instructors: Grigoriy Ivanovich Kirsch, Assistant Professor, Candidate in Philology, who had been the Dean of the Philology School for almost two decades; Stalina Andreyevna Kuzmenko, Candidate in Philology, who had worked at Pavlodar Pedagogy Institute for 30 years, from 1964 through 1994; Yuri Pavlovich Andrianov, Candidate in Philology, Chair of Department; Neverova Elvira Nikolayevna, Assistant Professor, Candidate in Philology; Vladimir Vasilyevich Mukhin, Assistant Professor, Candidate in Philology.

Yuri Markovich Zlatopolski, Faina Nikolayevna Yakovleva, Elsa Petrovna Maler, Lena Stepanovna Yankovskaya, Klavdiya Aleksandrovna Nasonova, Lidiya Konstantinovna Burtseva and many others have greatly contributed to the founding and development of the Department. These prominent instructors and exceptional scholars founded the research and education traditions of the Department.

Throughout its history, the Department has undergone significant changes. The Department team today consists of members of former four departments: of Russian language, literature, practical course of Russian language, and of teaching methods. However, despite the changes, the Department has done its best to uphold the high standard of education set by its founders.

Therefore, the Department of Russian Language and Literature respects traditions, succession, scientific and methodological ties between young instructors and senior faculty. The Department veterans are people well known at the Pedagogy Institute and both in the city and the region: Naum Grigoryevich Shafer, Valeriya Nikandrovna Afanasyeva and Svetlana Filippovna Nurkenova.

One of the amazing traditions of the Department is training its graduates to become faculty members. During the Department’s history, the backbone of the faculty has been made of its own students, and over 70% of the faculty members today are graduates of different years. The graduates have also been Chairs of the Department thus keeping the traditions. Galina Ilyinichna Nosova (one of the first graduates), Tatyana Mikhaylovna Veselovskaya, Zifa Kakbayevna Temirgazina, Natalya Fyodorovna Krylova, Gulnara Seilbekovna Suyunova chaired the Department in the past. Today, the Chair is Olga Konstantinovna Andryushchenko, the Department’s graduate, Assistant Professor and Candidate in Philology.


The Department keeps up with the pace of today’s philological research while saving the good traditions.

         The Departments area of research is the linguistic-communicative and pragmatic potential of Russian language and literature in education process.

The geographic scope of the Department’s international cooperation is impressive: Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tambov, Tyumen, Tobolsk, Kemerovo, etc.), Belarus (Vitebsk), Ukraine, Germany and other countries. The Department signed cooperation agreements with Tomsk State University, Masherov Vitebsk state University, Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary).

Research works of the Department’s faculty is recognized both in Kazakhstan and abroad.


Olga Konstantinovna Andryushchenko, Assistant Professor, became a winner of the ‘Gold Sable’ PR and advertising achievements contest in Novosibirsk, Russia, in the nomination ‘Best work in theory and methodology of PR’ in 2009.

Professor Zifa Kakbayevna Temirgazina was awarded as ‘The best university lecturer’ in 2012.

Тhe Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Science of Russian Federation awarded Zifa Temirgazina with the honorary title of ‘Founder of Scientific School’ (2013).

Assistant Professors Olga Andryushchenko and Lyudmila Tokatova are the laureates of the contest ‘Best Young Scholars of Pavlodar Region’ conducted by the Department of Youth Policy and were included in the book ‘Best Young Scholars of Pavlodar Region’ (2013).

In December 2013, Assistant Professor Andryushchenko was awarded with a public scholarship for talented young scholars for researches in the humanities (2013).

         The Department students are also active researchers. Forty full-time students are members of 3 research communities at the Department in 2014-2015. The Department’s consistent work on encouraging student researches gives good outcomes.


2002: winners of Republican Olympic Contest in Russian Language and Literature – O. Shilova (I place), M. Semyonova (II place);

2004: winners of Republican Olympic Contest in Russian Language and Literature - M. Semyonova, T. Odintseva, O. Shilina (III team place);

2012: Department team won at the Republican Olympic Contest in Russian Philology (II place); I. Prihodchenko — II personal place;

April 2013: B. Orynbayeva participated in international scientific and practical conference for young postgraduate students and scholars ‘World of Science’, al-Farabi Kazakh National University (III place);

2014: winners of Republican Olympic Contest in Russian Language and Literature - G. Kamash, O. Kolyada, A. Mironova (II team place); O. Kolyada and A. Mironova – III personal place.


            The Department conducts morale building in several areas: educational organization, patriotic, moral, esthetic, civic and legal education, physical training and healthy life style, student self-management and recreation.

            The Department students are in always in contact with the House-Museum of Shafer, Slavic Culture Center and the House of Friendship, and municipal and regional libraries. The Department is a traditional participant of the Tsvetayeva autumn bonfire; it holds literature soirees and meetings with Kazakhstani writers and poets.

The Department students participate in all events hosted by the Institute. They are members of the Students’ Government of PSPI and the Institute’s KVN team. They also contribute to the PSPI Bulletin newspaper (ПМПИхабаршысы). Many Department students are the members of the Zhas Otan youth wing of Nur Otan political party.

The Department’s tutors assist students in solving all organizational issues related to morale building:

Galina Ivanovna Starchenko – groups РиЛ-12, РЛН-12, РЛН-12с;

Olga Konstantinovna Andryushchenko – groups РиЛ-22, РЛН-22;

Gulnara Seilbekovna Suyunova - groups РиЛ-32, РЛН-32, РЛН-32с;

Yekaterina Petrovna Garanina – РиЛ-42, РЛН-42.

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