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We are university now!


More prospects and more opportunities for students, teachers and employees - this is what gives a landmark event that happened recently in the university. From now on Pavlodar state pedagogical institute becomes Pavlodar state pedagogical university!

At the meeting of the Academic Council, the rector of the university Altynbek Nukhuly said that the Pavlodar state pedagogical institute became the Pavlodar state pedagogical university by the government decree, which opens a lot of prospects for the educational institution.

- This is a long-awaited and well deserved award for our university for diligence and hard work for all these years. We tried our best for this for a long time. This status opens up great opportunities for us. In the near future we will open the training of students for several specialties of master degree and ph. degree. I would like to thank everyone who helped us and believed in us and congratulated us on this success, which is especially pleasant on New Year's Eve, "said the rector of University Altynbek Nukhuly.

Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute (PIP) was opened on December 1, 1962. For its half-century history the university has prepared a lot of valuable stuff and has become one of the leaders in the field of teacher training.

Now the time-tested tradition of high-quality training of university teachers, multiplied by the additional opportunity of the university, will improve the training of graduates and future competitive specialists of the country!