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Quality Management System

Improving the quality of educational services of universities is seen as a strategic objective within the framework of state goals and as a means of life support, development and prosperity of a university within the objectives of the university.

One of the ways to improve the quality of training, competitiveness of the university is recognition of compliance at the international level through the mechanisms of accreditation and certification. An important component of international accreditation and certification is certification of quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Implementing a quality management system brings practical benefits, to:

- management of the University

definition of network processes of the university, a clear division of responsibilities, authorities, interactions for each of them has improved the management of all activities;

quality policy, development strategy and objectives of the university is projected onto the lower levels of management are the foundation of a system of indicators and benchmarks for performance evaluation processes, departments, their managers and staff;

internal audits can specifically identify areas for improvement and gradually activates the activity of managers and staff;

image of the university enhances and, consequently, the competitiveness of its educational services;

- employees of the university:

increases the efficiency of document search of all types and work on creation of new forms;

you can learn much quicker with the new procedure;

ordering of each employee and his improvement, including the action of internal audit;

opportunity to participate in the process of improving its operations and the university as a whole, making suggestions for internal auditors on the quality system;

improvement of satisfaction of own needs as well as the development of a quality management system allows more clearly define particularly differing workers and encourage them;

- consumers (applicants, students, educational organization, etc.):

more satisfied with the performance requirements of the educational process and its system software;

the image of the university enhances and their diplomas as well.

For improvement of quality of education and system effectiveness of management at university in 2007 the quality management system is introduced. In 2008 the certificate of conformity of quality management system to the ISO 9001:2008 International standard concerning design and development of educational services, training with higher education (the bachelor, the expert), according to the state obligatory standards of higher education on specialties and the directions according to licensing area, the "Russian Register" issued by Association on certification (St. Petersburg) and the International network on certification of "IQNet" is received.

Due to the expiration of the certificate for No. 10.1466.026 of December 27, 2010 and according to the decision of the International body on certification of TQCS International (Kazakhstan, the Australian representation) of December 25, 2013 PSPU is issued the certificate of conformity of quality management system to the ISO 9001:2008 International standard No. KZ 244 – QC for a period of 3 years.

Due to the expiration of the certificate for № KZ 244 – QC of December 25, 2013 and according to the decision of the International company on certification of SGS (SGS Kazakhstan Ltd., Switzerland) PSPU was issued the certificate of conformity of quality management system to the ISO 9001:2015 International standard. January 20, 2017 PSPU received a certificate № СН17/0079 for a period of 3 years.

During functioning management system quality is defined               

Mission of PSPU:

It is formation of pedagogical elite of the Republic Kazakhstan, which provides the development of intellectual nation’s potential.


PSPU is the leader in preparation of pedagogical shots in the market of educational services in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Strategic objective:

The advancing quality education corresponding to the best world practice.

Developed and accepted:

Quality policy














Quality objectives














The organization and control over the implementation of the actions directed on continuous improvement and improvement of functioning of quality management system of PSPU, its faculties, chairs and other divisions is carried out by department of management and monitoring of quality.


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